Circular collar tagBadger Tag & Label Corp.’s circular collar tag can be quickly slipped over the neck of cylinders —including fire extinguishers, filled tanks and more — without an additional attachment. According to the company:

  • With the option to add slits in any location on the collar tag, a customized fit is assured. 
  • Because the collar tag fits over the neck, it naturally lays flush with the tank instead of flapping off to the side where it could be damaged or ripped off.
  • The new tag can be printed on paper or synthetic stocks — certain synthetic stocks are UV stabilized, withstand temperatures from hundreds to -70?F, are waterproof and chemical-resistant, and puncture- and tear-resistant.
  • Collar tags can be printed in one to six spot colors or four-color process and on just one or both sides. 
  • Depending on the environment the tag will be used in, a laminate can be added for additional protection.   
  • The company worked with a fire equipment company to develop a custom collar tag for use on fire extinguishers to record the service dates of tanks — in addition to displaying a clear verification of service, the tag also identifies the person responsible and displays contact information of the company.
  • For smaller tanks filled with oxygen, propane, and other gases, the collar tag could display handling and storage information, and “empty” or “full” status. 
  • Certain industries have the potential to have a greater use for the collar tag; in particular the welding and medical industries due to their heavy use of filled tanks of all sizes. 
  • Because of the flexibility to print custom information, the collar tag could be used on virtually any cylinder that has a neck.