Do-more H2 Series PLCAutomationDirect’s Do-more H2 Series PLC offers the features and performance of high-end PLCs for an economical price. The company says that the PLC additionally offers:

  • Using the proven DirectLOGIC DL205 hardware as a platform, it supports all base units, discrete and analog I/O modules available for the DL205 PLC, but with a much more flexible and advanced design that makes integrating I/O and organizing a program much easier.
  • The H2 CPUs offer four times more program memory, nine times more data memory, and operate at speeds up to 20 times faster than current DL205 CPUs.
  • A Do-more CPU installed in a DL205 9-slot base supports up to 256 I/O points.
  • For larger applications, one or more Remote I/O Master modules installed in the local base can each connect to up to 16 remote I/O subsystems, which can provide hundreds of additional I/O points.
  • H2 series CPUs reduce system cost and space by including embedded communications ports.
  • Programmed using Do-more Designer software that can be download free of charge, the PLC provides an advanced instruction set, superior memory mapping and data structures.
  • The Do-more PLC enables developers to write program code before selecting the specific target hardware.
  • Do-more Designer’s built-in simulator creates a virtual PLC so logic can be tested without a PLC present.
  • The accompanying next-generation high-speed counter module has four independently configurable timer/counter channels (up to 250 kHz) and two pulse output generators (up to 250 kHz).
  • Two available starter kits provide a prewired, 3-slot base with choice of Do-more CPU, an 8-point input simulator module, and an 8-point relay output module.