SencorpWhiteSencorpWhite recently unveiled an integrated RFID-enabled MicroVert to its White automated storage and retrieval system. The company believes that the MicroVert boasts:

  • Real-time put-and-pick verification and cycle counting. 
  • A carousel system and integrated software to offer the ability to manage inventory visibility, lot codes, serial numbers, product expiration and recalls in real time, addressing the perpetual problem of managing consignment inventory, theft, misplacement, dispensing errors and stock levels, virtually eliminating human error.
  • The secure and accurate monitoring of stock transactions without operator intervention.
  • The ability to audit inventory on demand — in as little as 30 seconds.
  • An antenna embedded in the removable counter, offering real-time 24/7 automatic verification of all transactions in and out of the MicroVert, ensuring comprehensive control and continuous visibility of inventory transactions. 
  • A single-panel automatic door that slides open, enabling access to secured inventory. 
  • Integrated RFID hardware and software, an automatic door and an ergonomic product counter. 

PACK EXPO Booth #S109