NJM CremerNJM Packaging presents its Cremer CF-622 FS tablet counter for counting based on a modular design, servo-driven and servo-controlled vibrators, and memory flaps. Moreover, the company believes that the Cremer CF-622 FS boasts:

  • A main frame with fixed side panels that accommodate 2 or 3 counting modules — each module has 6 channels that are 22-mm wide.
  • Guaranteed outputs up to 150 BPM, based on 100-count bottles.
  • Actual speeds dependent on the bottleneck and product flow, as well as the overall shape and size of the product.
  • Fast changeovers with repeatable setups, using no tools.
  • Removable modules to simplify cleaning and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Limited settings on the machine interface.
  • Simple operating procedures, not to mention high efficiency, high output and reliability.

PACK EXPO Booth #S302