KIN-TEK Laboratories’ AutoBlendKIN-TEK Laboratories’ AutoBlend™ is a multi-channel, computer-controlled gas-blending system for creating complex test gas mixtures. According to the company, the system also grants:

  • 6 independently controlled channels using permeation or diffusion tubes to add trace concentration components to the matrix gas. 
  • The flexibility of each channel to contain up to 8 compounds in disposable permeation tubes.
  • A secondary dilution feature, so the system can be used for a wide concentration range — from high PPM down to low PPB. 
  • The capability to independently adjust the output from each channel, so that the concentration of each trace component group can be set independently, thus allowing automated operation of statistically designed factorial test programs.
  • Suitability for sensor evaluation, analytical methods development and validation, catalyst testing, contaminant effects testing, odor simulation, gas filter testing and other applications requiring complex test gas mixtures.
  • 2 additional (and optional) dynamic headspace modules to add higher concentrations of common mixtures or low-volatility substances to the test mixture.
  • An optional humidification module to add humidity to the final mixture.