Safety Card module3E Co. offers a new Safety Card module for its 3E Online® MSDS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management platform that enables the quick and easy creation of safety cards, informing employees of the risks involved with product usage, level of protection required and emergency procedures. The company says that the new offering is characterized by:

  • Users can easily develop conforming safety cards within the Safety Card module by using information found on the corresponding SDS.
  • The completed cards are stored and hosted within the 3E Online platform and accessible alongside the relevant SDS.
  • Users can customize text and add or remove entire sections before generating a card, edit cards at any time and set expiration dates.
  • Users can create multiple cards per product and per location.
  • Information is displayed as pictograms with a color-coded system for identifying the hazard level of products (white, green, yellow and red).
  • Should some locations retain internal card creation systems, companies can load existing internal cards into the module