Durex heatersDurex Industries recently released its standard screw plug immersion heater for almost every liquid heating application imaginable. Features include:

  • Operation at 60 W/inches2, 500 W to 18 kW and 120 V/1 phase to 480 V/3 phase.
  • Various sheath materials, including steel, copper and Incoloy® 840. 
  • Threaded fittings for easy tank insertion and removal.
  • Brazed or welded tubular heater elements for easy mounting to NPT fittings.
  • Suitability for process temperature control applications in chemical, petroleum, water, metal and other process industries. 
  • The power to ship hundreds of options for 1-, 2- and 2-1/2-inch NPT screw plug immersion heaters in 2 days.