EVOQ™ triple quadrupoleBruker’s EVOQ™ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography (LC-TQ) was designed to reliably quantify thousands of real samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. According to the company, it delivers:

  • Exceptional sensitivity, precision, accuracy, linearity and a wide dynamic range for multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays.
  • Innovations in software and atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technology make it a game changer for routine high-sensitivity, quantitative analysis.
  • The industry’s first vacuum-insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray technology preserves and ionizes thermally fragile molecules with outstanding sensitivity.
  • The active exhaust atmospheric pressure ionization source with a robust orifice vacuum interface significantly enhances quantitative robustness for difficult samples.  
  • The novel, ‘tune-free,’ proprietary Interlaced Quadrupole Dual Funnel (IQ-DF™) maximizes sensitivity.
  • Novel PACER™ software enables ‘exception-based data-review,’ which significantly reduces the error rate for quantitative analysis.