Magliner® trayless bottled-water truckMagline Inc.’s Magliner® trayless bottled-water truck is a lightweight hand truck that utilizes unique frame geometry to cradle one to four bottles at a time without clamps or trays. According to the company:

  • Bottles are held in place by their own weight and friction, minimizing downtime and lessening driver strain.   
  • The truck was designed in conjunction with a national bottled-water distributor, using feedback from drivers, sales representatives and an ergonomist to engineer an ergonomic and effective product.
  • The truck was constructed as a safer, more ergonomic solution for transporting smaller loads.
  • An energy expenditure study was performed showing that carrying one to three bottles using Magline’s truck uses nine percent less energy than delivering by hand, and causes less physical stress and fewer ergonomic risk factors.
  • At only 25.5 pounds, the truck weighs approximately half as much as traditional steel trucks, so it is easy to lift off the vehicle.
  • The truck also features a long handle and Quantumshield™ coated back brace, so that the truck is stabilized at a higher height when in the horizontal position, eliminating the need for drivers to bend down to the floor when loading and unloading.
  • The truck is 48.5 inches high and 21.5 inches deep, with a 300-pound weight capacity.
  • Optional heavy-duty cast stair climbers can be affixed for increased maneuverability.
  • Like all Magline products, the truck comes standard with a one-year warranty.