Software with non-steady-state (NSS)ExperTune software now includes non-steady-state (NSS) modeling features for integrating control loops, which provide fast, simple modeling and tuning of level controls. According to the company:

  • The new tools work with all other integrating processes, such as gas tank pressure controls.
  • Users can develop level control models and tuning, even when the process has not achieved steady-state. 
  • NSS tuning integrates seamlessly with ExperTune’s PlantTriage and PID Loop Optimizer software. 
  • The tools provide unique capabilities to tune for both tight control and surge-tank scenarios. 
  • An integrated wizard, based on the level-tuning techniques of F. Greg Shinskey, is also included. 
  • Non-Steady-State modeling is included with PlantTriage version 11 and higher, and with PID Loop Optimizer version 21 and higher.