S1A AC-LVDT signal conditionerAlliance Sensors Group introduces the S1A AC-LVDT signal conditioner with smart and fast LVDT setup, built-in null indication and simple front panel pushbuttons to set zero and full scale. The company says that the conditioner further offers:

  • Engineered to work with the widest range of AC-LVDTs, RVDTs and inductive half-bridge sensors including 3-wire GE LVRTs and gas turbine LVDTs, the S1A DIN rail module supports LVDT operation and indicates most common failures. 
  • The S1A offers a choice of four excitation frequencies, eight analog DC outputs (six DC voltage and two current loop outputs) and RS-485 digital communications. 
  • Ideal applications for the module include turbine control systems, steam valve position feedback, and other types of redundant control systems that use LVDT position sensors.
  • The internal microprocessor eliminates the need to calculate jumper connections for gain, range, etc.
  • In the event of a failure, a new S1A DIN rail module can be “hot swapped” into an existing installation, with initial calibration data saved then reloaded via RS-485 port. 
  • For installations where there are multiple position sensors, the S1As can be master/slaved to prevent cross talk between sensor signals.