ci9-4DaubertDaubert’s SACI® line of multi-functional compounds allows the formulation of materials with exceptional resistance to sag, runoff and flow, even at high film buildup and elevated temperatures. Custom formulations are useful in coating formulations as anti-settling and pigment dispersing agents, and as rheological modifiers to stabilize viscosity and modify sag resistance. According to the company, the line is available in three carriers:

100 percent solids (oil or wax)

  • Form oily or waxy films.
  • Somewhat high in viscosity at room temperature, but flow extremely well when heated. 
  • Useful in formulating coatings, adhesives and sealants with reduced VOC.  


  • Form oily, tacky, waxy or firm (tack-free) films. 
  • Oily film products are pourable and with the use of diluent oil, can be made less viscous at higher non-volatile levels.
  • Tacky film products are made firmer through the incorporation of wax. 
  • Waxy film versions impart superior water resistance, while firm, tack-free film varieties can be modified with pigments and additives to further improve corrosion and weather resistance.


  • Form oily, tacky or firm (tack-free) films. 
  • Oily film versions are supplied as a stable anionic emulsion in water and can be combined with other waterborne or water reducible materials such as plasticizers, resins and asphalts. 
  • A morpholine-free version is also available. 
  • Tacky films are also supplied in water, feature low VOC and can be applied as dip or spray coatings.  Firm (Tack-Free) Film versions consist of a sulfonate in water, with resins and additives, making it the fastest drying SACI® based material available. 
  • Hard, transparent, tack-free films dry in less than 30 minutes and adhere well to a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.