Xpress Pix™ Go-Fetch inventory management softwareXpress Pix™ Go-Fetch inventory management software from Sapient Automation is an entry-level software system that can be used to manage order picking and replenishment activities in storage and retrieval operations. The company says that the software is characterized by:

  • It is designed to retrieve parts stored in Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Horizontal Carousels, and Pick to Light devices and systems.
  • With the software, inventory can be managed by location within the storage unit, by item or part number, by description or by location quantity.
  • For automated storage system replenishment, users can input a minimum quantity of each item they wish to have on hand.
  • The software prints a report that displays a list of items that need reordering, as well as the quantity that is generally reordered.
  • A single PC with the software can drive and manage a pod or work zone of a single or multiple carousels or VLMs and manual material handling work zones.
  • In addition to Pick to Light systems, the software can be integrated with a report printer, label printer and bar code scanner.