Fluid Imaging FlowCAMFluid Imaging Technologies introduces remote operation for the automated FlowCAM® imaging particle analysis system to enable operators to start running a sample, monitor its progress, adjust measurement parameters on the fly, and analyze images and data in real time, all while working on other tasks, away from the instrumentation and without direct supervision. The company believes that the system also delivers:

  • The ability to automatically take thousands of high-resolution digital images of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds.
  • The measurement and characterization of each particle based on up to 32 different parameters.
  • Boosted production efficiency as a result of permitting personnel to attend to other tasks while samples are running.
  • A remote desktop capability that makes it accessible at the processing line, while attending meetings, on research vessels, outside in the field, and at other on- and off-site locations.
  • Accommodations for Android-based computer tablets, iPads and other tablets, using all of the same FlowCAM controls and interactive features available on the desktop instrumentation.
  • Compatibility with the entire line of portable, benchtop, submersible and PV Series FlowCAMs.
  • The flexibility to be retrofit on FlowCAM particle analyzers in the field.
  • Suitability for lab managers, process engineers, water/wastewater engineers, research scientists and others.