KNF N950.50 SeriesKNF Neuberger presents its N950.50 Series multi-headed diaphragm vacuum pumps with the capability to simultaneously achieve high flow rates and deep vacuums for the quick and automatic transfer or evacuation of air and gases. The company says that these compact and lightweight pumps also grant:

  • The capacity to realize maximum flow rates up to 50 LPM and maximum vacuum of less than 2 mBAR.
  • A liquid-tolerant design to mitigate any potentially adverse effects from handling condensable media.
  • Oil-less operation to eliminate any chance of contaminating the pumped medium.
  • Power via a brushless DC motor, or a worldwide motor with a range of 100 to 240 V/50 to 60 Hz.  
  • A high level of gas tightness, plus the flexibility to perform in any installed position.
  • Improving pumping performance, as well as a reduced system size, weight and cost.
  • A wide range of applications, including roughing and backing turbo-molecular pumps, vacuum ovens and concentrators, chem-iluminescence detectors, leak detectors, analytical instruments and others instruments in which vacuum conditions may be required for various procedures and processes. 
  • PPS, PTFE and EPDM wetted material options. 
  • Optional speed control through an external signal input, a gas ballast, remote on/off operation, and signal output for speed monitoring.