Volkmann VS200-F1Volkmann has unveiled the VS200-F1 vacuum conveyor and pump in response to demand for an ultra-low profile to vacuum convey small volumes. According to the company, the high-performance VS200-F1 additionally delivers:

  • The MX 360 vacuum pump that is capable of vacuum levels as low as 27 inHg vacuum, allowing for lean, dense or plug flow conditions.
  • Conveying capacities up to 500 pounds/hour.
  • The company‚Äôs quick-release QX-style filter.
  • A unique full-bore discharge valve that is free from operating parts within the product stream.
  • Accommodations for granular products.
  • An 8-inch (dia.) full-bore body with 16-inch overall height.
  • 316L stainless steel construction to resist corrosion, as well as and full modularity.
  • ATEX certification for use in explosion-proof areas.