VICI Valco Cheminert M6 and M50VICI Valco’s Cheminert M6 and M50 liquid-handling pumps precisely handle liquids and/or gases by producing a bidirectional pulseless flow with a range of over 6 orders of magnitude (5 nL/minute to 5 mL/minute for the M6; 1 µL/minute to 25 mL/minute for the M50). According to the company, moreover, the Cheminert M6 and M50 positive-displacement pumps are characterized by:

  • Tolerance of any gas that may find its way into the fluid lines.
  • Unlimited capacity and no separate fill cycle.
  • Self-priming operation.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocols incorporated into the microprocessor-driven controller, (while a USB interface requires an adapter.)
  • A software package that controls flow rates, flow direction and metered volumes.
  • Optimal replacement for syringe pumps, eliminating the need for refill cycles and syringe changes.