Badger Meter Blancett B3000Badger Meter now offers the Blancett B3000 turbine flow monitor as a new metering solution (due to a recent update from the B2800) that provides a flexible, durable and easy-to-use platform suited for even the most demanding environments. The company, moreover, believes that the Blancett B3000 boasts:

  • Advanced connectivity options, so the meters can easily be connected to networks for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.
  • 2 programmable status alarms, as well as robust alarm parameters for faster warnings when something changes in the process or pipeline.
  • Smart power switching between external loop power and the internal lithium battery.
  • Easy programmability and a suite of flow measurement functions.
  • A UV-resistant, NEMA 4X-rated enclosure with direct, panel, pipe, DIN-rail or swivel mounts.
  • Several enclosure options for both liquid and gas applications, from intrinsically safe and explosion- (flame-) proof ratings to a solar-powered model.
  • An updated display and enhanced totalization options for more flow information, including rate and total displays viewable at the same time, in addition to standard, batch and grand totals.
  • Communications options for Modbus RTU in the B30A and B30Z models.