pellcon3™Pelletron introduces the pellcon3™ as a new economical conveying process based on three major process components. These components include:


  • Conveying technology for gentle conveying of granular products.
  • Moderate velocities prevent breakage and attrition of the conveyed product, keeps the generation of dust at a very low level and prevents the creation of long angel hair.
  • Does not need special pipe supports or additional steel construction. 
  • Does not create fine micro-dust or long streamers.
  • In many cases, the pipe diameters are smaller in comparison with dense phase systems.
  • The investment costs for large-scale STRANDPHASE® systems are much lower than slow-motion dense phase systems.


  • A special patented pipe elbow.
  • The design resembles a standard short-radius elbow with a large expanded chamber between the inlet and discharge of the elbow. 
  • The soft impact of pellets in the slurry zone and the low wall friction eliminates the creation of streamers.
  • Its pressure loss is only slightly higher than that of standard long- and short- radius elbows.
  • The nature of the design eliminates the build-up of product within the elbow. 
  • A complete purge is accomplished simply by using the same conveying air volume and pressure. 

  • Dust and angel hair removal unit.
  • Regardless of conveying method used, friction is generated by the velocity and pressure, resulting in attrition of the conveyed product.
  • The unit removes dust particles providing high quality resin with remaining dust contents below 30PPM.