Pelletron conveyingPelletron recently built a complete new test lab for pneumatic conveying tests for bulk materials. According to the company, features of the service include:

  • The flexibility to compare tests between dilute-phase, STRANDPHASE® and dense-phase conveying systems to determine the characteristics of the conveyed products at each conveying technology.
  • A special short loop for attrition tests, including wash-out of piping to determine the exact increase of dust generated through pneumatic conveying.
  • The FineAlyzer® to measure dust content through wet test analysis.
  • 2 parallel loops, 1 equipped with standard pipe elbows, the other with Pellbows®, to run comparison tests for standard pipe elbows and Pellbows.
  • An electronic test report that consists of a PPM analysis, digital images of the material before and after de-dusting, and the increase of dust for each tested conveying method.
  • Reporting in accordance with European FEM or ASTM D 7486–08 standards (the ASTM standard measures the dust particle from 1.6 to 500 microns).