FC-ISO-DAutomationDirect’s high-speed FC-ISO-D optical isolators provide the versatility to solve various interface problems between an incremental encoder signal and a PLC, servo drive or other input devices. The company says that the isolators are:

  • Ideal for use with single-ended or differential line driver encoder signals.
  • Designed with three complementary open collector outputs rated for 5-36 VDC that can be used in single-ended configurations.
  • Able to offer optical isolation rated at 1800V, which separates the input signals from the outputs.
  • Able to convert a differential line driver encoder signal to an open collector single-ended signal, or change encoder signal voltage to match receiving electronics input.
  • Ideal for use with encoders and servo drive encoder signal inputs and outputs.
  • Characterized by three differential line driver outputs rated for 5VDC, with 1800V optical isolation.