Model FM flare monitorThe Model FM flare monitor for smokeless flares from Williamson Corp., as part of a petrochemical plant’s closed-loop control system, efficiently prevents smoke before it is produced. The company says that the sensor:

  • Is the only optical product of its type that is unaffected by the introduction of steam.
  • Senses the conditions precursory to soot formation, not soot particulates. 
  • Monitors the ratio of carbon to oxygen within the flame, and its continuous output signal is proportional to that ratio and therefore proportional to the tendency of the flame to smoke. 
  • Adds oxygen to the flame before the signal reaches the critical setpoint at which soot would form when the signal indicates that oxygen is becoming relatively scarce.
  • Features narrow-band infrared filters, offering reliable output even through dirty optics, fog, rain and snow, within limits. 
  • Typically sends the output signal to a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control system that activates a control valve to modulate the amount of added air or steam as needed, ensuring that there is always ample oxygen for the combustion to be complete.
  • Comes standard with through-the-lens sighting and an adjustable swivel bracket that facilitates installation and alignment. 
  • Features dual-wavelength technology that ensures a large target area, further facilitating alignment. 
  • Is available with a standard (NEMA4/IP65) or rugged (NEMA7/ATEX/IECEx IIB+H2) housing.
  • Can be mounted at ground level, optimal working distance within 1,200 feet (365 meters) with a maximum distance of 1,800 feet (550 meters).