Metering ball valve type 523GF Piping Systems LLC’s new metering ball valve type 523 features improved flow control, easy actuation, new scale and display, and a large material range for application versatility. According to the company, it also offers:

  • Suitability for metering tiny media quantities and sampling.
  • A special V-notch ball with 180-degree turn rotation capability.
  • A circular scale that makes it extremely easy to read from all possible angles.
  • Availability in a wide range of materials, including PVC, polypropylene (PROGEF standard) and PVDF standard (CPVC and ABS are available on request) in 3/8- and ½-inch sizes.
  • Easy actuation with the EA21 actuator and positioner.
  • Integrated stainless steel mounting inserts.
  • PTFE ball seals.
  • Built-in threaded inserts.
  • Standards are available for ASTM, ISO, JIS, and BS.