PowderSafe™AirClean® Systems Inc.’s PowderSafe™ Type B enclosures provide a controlled negative pressure HEPA-filtered environment for professionals to work with and weigh powders. According to the company, the enclosures are:

  • Fabricated with polypropylene — a chemically resistant, high mass polymer.
  • Easily cleaned, without the worry of degradation.
  • Free of vibration and balance disturbances.
  • Characterized by exclusive HepaSafe™ technology that allows the operator to safely and easily change both the prefilter and the primary HEPA filter while the enclosure remains under negative pressure.
  • Supplied standard with the AirSafe automatic safety controller, which monitors and maintains proper face velocity so accurate balance readings can be ensured without turbulence or vibration.
  • Also supplied with FlowSmooth™ technology, which provides even, horizontal air distribution throughout the enclosure, preventing turbulence.