KROHNE OPTISONIC 6400KROHNE has unveiled its OPTISONIC 6400 portable ultrasonic flowmeter to measure flow velocity, current volumetric flow and a variety of diagnostic values for liquids. The company says that the OPTISONIC 6400 also offers:

  • A compact evaluation unit and 1 or 2 rails (available in tube diameters from 1/2 to 160 inches), each equipped with 2 ultrasonic sensors, one rail attached to the pipeline to be measured using fabric belts or steel straps, while a second rail is used for dual measurements on the same or a second pipe.
  • The capability to store readings in an integrated memory for data logging, as well as transfer data via a USB stick to external evaluation systems for further review.
  • A compact design that is easy to install and use — simply attach the sensor rail to the pipe, plug in the cables to the handheld OPTISONIC 6400 electronics, set up a few parameters and begin reading instantaneous flow results.
  • An integrated battery with 14 hours running time or line power with an adapter supplied.
  • Readings displayed on a large color graphic LCD.
  • Ultrasonic time of flight sensor technology, which combines portability, simplicity and fast liquid measurement with precision and reliability.
  • Packaging of the entire measuring system in a practical suitcase with wheels.
  • Suitability for various applications in virtually any industry.