Parflex hosesParker Hannifin’s Parflex Division manufactures hoses specifically for harsh environments where agriculture farm equipment is used.  According to the company, these hoses are:

  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or swelling. 
  • Lightweight, high-impulse and feature low volumetric expansion. 
  • Characterized by a core tube that is extremely clean and provides excellent fluid/chemical compatibility as well as high tensile strength. 
  • Able to be bonded together, saving you money by replacing a single-line rubber hose with a pre-made assembly. 
  • Characterized by layers that are thermally attached during the manufacturing process, creating a hose and jacket that are seamless. 
  • Offered for agricultural equipment as the HFS, HFS2, D6, R6, 590, 593, 53DM/538DM, 55LT, HLB, 83FR and 520. 
  • Available in sizes from 1/8 inch  I.D. up to 2 inches I.D. depending on style.