Advertisement by Larson Electronics offers the HAL-48-2L-LED as a marine-grade aluminum LED light fixture that is corrosion resistant and approved for Class 1 Division 2 UL 1598A marine type environments. According to the company, the fixture:

  • Provides high efficiency, reliability and affordable lighting for marine and wet locations.
  • Is suitable for hazardous industries including oil drilling rigs, refineries, gas processing plants and chemical manufacturing plants.
  • Provides operators with a rugged LED lighting solution that offers the ability to replace or upgrade lamps for higher output and longer fixture life.
  • Is constructed of copper-free aluminum with a corrosion-resistant high gloss aluminum reflector assembly.
  • Is suitable for environments where flammable chemicals and vapors may be encountered and is popularly used within the offshore petrochemical industry.
  • Features lamps that produce 15 percent more light than comparable fixtures fitted with T5 bulbs, yet use less energy.
  • Has 5300K color temperature, which gives it very good color rendering and contrasting properties.