Erlab CaptairErlab has designed its Captair Store vented filtering storage cabinets to reduce inhalation risks associated with the concentration of vapors and purify ambient air 24 hours a day. The company says that Captair Store ductless cabinets also boast:

  • Silent turbine fans that draw chemical vapors into a molecular high-absorption filter.
  • Construction from anti-corrosion metallic alloy, which is protected by a thermo-hardening epoxy-polyester, anti-acid coating.
  • Adjustable shelves and glass doors for ease of product viewing.
  • The capacity to store from 10 to 360 liters.
  • Storage for a wide variety of chemicals used in laboratories.
  • Safety certification and compliance with AFNOR NF X 15-211, Class II.
  • Availability in a compact model for wall or bench-top mounting.