High-resolution weigh modulesMettler-Toledo International Inc.’s high-resolution weigh modules offer fast and simple solutions for 100 percent in-process control. The company says that the modules are also characterized by:

  • They can be used to check completeness of parts, kits or modules as well as quality of surfaces where material is added or subtracted.
  • They feature a very compact design that can be seamlessly integrated into various machines and instruments.
  • In an automated process, a weigh module can detect violations of weight tolerance of 1 ppm in a split second.
  • Although lighting and positioning of the part doesn't matter, this method is suitable for complex shapes, hidden structures, material inconsistency, as well as transparent or reflective materials.
  • The modules are tested with traceable weights to comply with TS16949 and ISO9001.
  • Most feature a built-in calibration weight, which allows for automatic verification of function and precision, plus adjustment if necessary, at any time.