Delta-Q™ flow regulatorsDME Molding Supplies’ line of MRO products now includes two new Smartflow® cooling products: Duoflow™ manifolds and Delta-Q™ flow regulators. The new solutions are characterized by:

DuoflowTM Manifolds

  • Extruded aluminum manifolds similar to the original Smartflow one-piece design.
  • The manifolds are divided internally and anodized with one red end and one blue end to denote supply and return in a single manifold.
  • Versatile mounting is possible, thanks to their smaller size.
  • Mold mount to speed mold change times.
  • Simpler water hookup, with only “supply” and “return” lines versus individual lines for every circuit.

Delta-QTM Flow Regulators

  • Low-cost precision flow regulator modules that can be used in conjunction with other Smartflow components.
  • Allow full adjustability of flow volume from unrestricted to complete shutoff.
  • Modular design allows users to customize models to meet scientific cooling requirements for each application.
  • Durability, lightweight design and corrosion resistance, thanks to a glass-filled nylon body and internal stainless steel components.
  • Compact size works well in restricted spaces.
  • Instant access to pressure and temperature information with optional temperature and pressure gauges.
  • Easy installation in any position, without extra brackets or hardware.