Online-MSDS 6.03E Co.’s Online-MSDS 6.0 is an enhanced version of its Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management application, with new features designed to streamline the development of compliant and accurate hazard communication documentation. The company says that the enhanced version offers:

  • Enhanced functionality to help conform to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 2012.
  • Proactive revision maintenance so that changes to SDSs are consistently processed and indexed, ensuring the most recent document is referenced.
  • Access to the library of more than 4.5 million SDSs, and users can add SDSs to their catalogs with a few clicks.
  • Users can independently access prior versions of SDSs and their associated metadata for any product in their inventory.
  • Once the product is no longer in use, the SDS and the associated data can be archived to comply with OSHA’s 30-year retention requirement.
  • For users who have purchased the Waste Classification Service, the new Waste Classification module in Online-MSDS enables quick reference of product waste classification codes.
  • The HazMat Response Team can classify any or all of the products in an inventory.