Sandvik RotoformSandvik Process Systems has now refined its Rotoform® technology and developed the Rotoform® 4G, which comes with pneumatic functions that dispense with manual setting, making the system faster and easier to operate. The company believes that the Rotoform 4G additionally grants:

  • The combination of Rotoform® with a steel belt cooler, which facilitates the environmentally compatible production of highly uniform and dimensionally stable pastilles.
  • An effective process for granulating liquid products with the most diverse product requirements and the flexibility to adapt to various product characteristics.
  • The power to solidify melts with vastly different characteristics into pastilles.
  • Viscosities of 1 to 50,000 millipascal seconds, and temperatures up to 320 °C.
  • Faster and easier product changes, resulting in improved pastille quality, and increased capacity and yield of the system.
  • A newly designed safety hood that eases access to the machine for maintenance, while simultaneously improving safety thanks to the comprehensive cover it provides.
  • Suitability for the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, in addition to applications involving fatty alcohols as ingredients for crèmes, medicines and shampoos, waxes and resins, paints, through to chocolate chips and chunks.