Aquatech SMARTMODAquatech has unveiled its SMARTMOD modular, flexible and redeployable evaporator technology for the oil sands market. According to the company, the SMARTMOD further boasts:

  • A vertical tube, falling film evaporator profile for treating difficult produced water sources and reusing produced water.
  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage, an enhanced oil recovery technology for producing heavy crude oil and bitumen, in which high-pressure steam is injected into the formation, heating the bitumen, which lowers its viscosity, and allows the mixture of bitumen and water from condensed steam to be pumped out.
  • Online washing that allows for continuous distillate production at greater than 70 percent of design capacity during washing.
  • A reduced center of mass and evaporator weight, so the SMARTMOD module and vessels eliminate the need for building a large evaporator building, or foundation labor and materials.
  • The lowest capital expenditure and lifecycle cost evaporator system available today.
  • 10 percent lower power consumption over conventional evaporator systems.
  • A multiple-section design to ensure ASME distillate quality.