Parflex 53DM DuramaxAccording to Parker Hannifin, its Parflex 53DM Duramax™ thermoplastic hose is built with a high level of contact strength between the layers of core, braid and jacket, while further featuring: 

  • Projections on the outside of the core that extend up into the braid, so the jacket material is forced down into the braid from the outside.
  • A specially formulated material used for the jacket with a high level of UV protection for optimal weather resistance and a low coefficient of friction to improve wear. 
  • High tensile fibers or high tensile brass-plated steel wire.
  • The power to weather harsh environments and continuous flexing. 
  • A 3,000-PSI constant working pressure.
  • Over-the-sheave hoses (53DM, 55LT and H6) constructed with copolyester materials, which are rated at -70ºF, maintaining chemical compatibility with hydraulic fluids, making them ideal for use in cold storage or refrigerated areas.
  • Wire-reinforced options on the 560 (100R1), 590 (100R16) and H6 (100R17) hoses.
  • Sizes that range from 3/16 up to 1 inch, depending on type of hose.
  • Availability in a single, twin or multi-line design. 
  • Compliance with SAE 100R18, whereas the 55LT hose meets or exceeds SAE 100R7 specifications.