Hayward filter bagsHayward Flow Control has expanded its line of filter bags to include bag sizes 1 (16 inches) and 2 (32 inches), with material options in polypropylene, polyester and nylon. The bags, according to the company, also boast:

  • Needle felt and monofilament mesh in sewn (sewn-in cloth handles) or welded construction.
  • A 1- to 800-micron rating for diversified separation in liquid systems or protecting any process application.
  • A maximum flow rate of 90 GPM for size 1 bags, whereas size 2 bags offer a maximum flow rate of 180 GPM.
  • All silicon-free bag materials, in addition to polypropylene rings or flanges.
  • A single length of 7 by 16 inches; and a double length of 7 by 32 inches.
  • Accommodations to fit the company‚Äôs new FLV Series filter.
  • Bags in quantities of 50 units per carton.
  • Typical applications or installations that include, but are not limited to water and wastewater treatment, aquatic and animal life support systems, chemical processing, metal plating, food and beverage, aquaculture and more.