Honeywell’s safety engineering and operator training solutionHoneywell’s safety engineering and operator training solution offers 3D immersive visualization technology coupled with process- and accident-simulation technologies, creating a plant simulator that enables better visualization of process operations. According to the company, the system offers:

  • Individuals and teams can experience the plant and the genesis and progression of incidents with high realism.
  • Operators, engineers and technicians can learn how to respond during upset conditions to reduce potential incidents.
  • It features Virthualis’ 3D simulation technology and application tools, called MindSafe®.
  • Modules for safety management, accident analysis and risk assessment.
  • The system can be utilized to perform both engineering studies and emergency response training.
  • Automated performance assessment tools aid the assessment of trainees.
    The plant simulator supports the entire life cycle of a plant, from design through to decommissioning.
  • The entire Plant simulator, MindSafe  and UniSim environment is made up of two separate rooms: the Control Room, which replicates the plant control center, and the Field Room(s), which replicates the process field by means of virtual and augmented-virtual reality screens.