Supercritical Phase Monitor IIThe SFT Phase Monitor II from Supercritical Fluids determines the solubility of various compounds and mixtures in supercritical and high-pressure fluids. Moreover, the company believes that the Phase Monitor II offers:  

  • The capacity to investigate the effect of co-solvents on the solubility of compounds of interest. 
  • Direct visual observation of materials under conditions precisely controlled by the user. 
  • Accommodations for liquids, supercritical carbon dioxide and other liquefied gases.
  • The ability to observe the dissolution, precipitation and crystallization of compounds.
  • Operation at pressures up to 10,000 PSI and from ambient temperature up to 150ºC.
  • The flexibility to perform advanced studies to determine melting point depressions and the degree of polymer swelling in SF CO2 or traditional solvents.
  • Applications that may include binary, tertiary and complex mixtures; multiple compounds; the selective extraction of compounds, the fractionation of compounds; crystallization and reactions; and the swelling of  polymer matrices.