Advertisement has added the Epljh-70led-1224I-100 low-voltage scaffold-mount LED work light to its inventory of explosion-proof lighting equipment. The company says that the light features:

  • Low-voltage operation and versatile mounting capabilities for workers in hazardous locations who commonly use ladders and scaffolds during operations.
  • An adjustable scaffold mounting bracket and low-voltage transformer, making it ideal for operators engaged in plant turnarounds, coal processing, petroleum refinement and other operations involving hazardous flammable materials.
  • The power and durability of LEDs combined with the versatility of an adjustable J-hook ladder mount bracket.
  • The 70 watt lamp produces over 6,000 lumens of clean white light in a wide flood pattern and is well-suited for illuminating larger work areas.
  • An explosion-proof aluminum housing with a ¾-inch thick thermal shock and impact-resistant tempered glass lens.  
  • The LEDs in this unit are high-quality CREE XLamp MC-E® units and provide a 50,000 hour rated lamp life as well as extreme durability and reliable operation.
  • An inline, waterproof transformer converts standard 120 VAC current to 12 volts.
  • The mounting system consists of a versatile aluminum J-bracket that is designed to be adjusted from 26 to 34 inches to allow operators to attach the unit to scaffolds and ladders of various sizes.
  • This unit also has an adjustable center post which allows operators to raise the lamp three feet, giving them the ability to raise the light higher when attached to waist high railings.
  • This unit is approved for hazardous locations and carries Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D, Class 1 Division 2, Group C, D certification and a T4 temperature rating.