HX204 Moisture AnalyzerMettler-Toledo International Inc. introduces the latest-generation HX204 Moisture Analyzer, which provides high measurement performance and compliance with industry standards. The company says that features include:

  • The HX204 can be adjusted and calibrated at operating temperature, ensuring the instrument is performing optimally under specific working conditions.
  • The built-in LevelControl warns the user if the instrument is not correctly leveled.
  • Fully automatic calibration technology (FACT) eliminates the need for frequent manual testing with external weights.
  • Internal weights adjust and calibrate the balance and ensure accurate results at all times.
  • Individual user rights can be established to ensure compliance with quality guidelines.
  • Personalized home screens provide only the information required to perform daily tasks.
  • Password protection and access rights prevent errors and ensure SOPs are met.
  • Shortcuts enable drying methods to be started with just one click for fast, error-free operation.
  • Real-time graphics show the drying curve for each measurement.
  • A high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell with a capacity of 200 g and 0.1 mg resolution guarantees maximum weighing accuracy, even for very low moisture
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