Linear Actuator and DriveHaydon Kerk Motion Solutions announces the release of the integrated Size 17 “captive” stepper-motor linear actuator and DCM4826X microstepping drive module. According to the company: 

  • The drive can be configured for full step, half step, or microstep (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 step size). 
  • The integrated linear actuator/drive unit is available in both single-stack and double-stack motor configurations with a wide range of lead screw resolutions. 
  • The system is capable of maximum output force of 220N (50 lbf) in the single-stack version and 337N (76 lbf) in the double-stack version; linear travel per step of 1.5-127 microns (0.00006-in to 0.005-in) depending on the lead screw pitch and stepper motor step angle.
  • The drive module is a bipolar, two-phase chopper drive package rated for a 12-48VDC input voltage and a continuous current rating of 2.6A rms (3.68A peak) per phase.
  • The linear actuator and drive system can be ordered with one of three standard motor coil voltages: 2.33V, 5V, and 12V. 
  • When supplying power to the drive, optimum performance is achieved using around an 8:1 “drive voltage to motor voltage” ratio; if the power supply voltage to the drive is 40VDC, for example, the motor coils should be configured for 5VDC. 
  • Chopper drives are designed to maintain output torque (or force in the case of a linear actuator) over a relatively wide speed range by regulating the current into the motor coils.
  • The drive unit can be configured through the Haydon Kerk PDE User Interface via an RS-485 protocol or a computer USB port (USB to RS-485 converter required - Haydon part# UTR4852). 
  • The desired values for Run Current, Hold Current, Delay Time, and Step Size can be set through the interface.