ALiSENSOR™ LEVELAlignment Supplies Inc. announces the North American launch of the ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL, a revolutionary new system designed for highly accurate geometric measurements. The company says that the system features:

  • The ALiSENSOR™ platform, which is known as Industrial Made for iPad (MFi), a groundbreaking integration of the iPad and other iOS devices into industrial-grade tools and equipment.
  • Not only does the Industrial MFi platform offer users the ability to work with the iPads, iPhones and iPods that they already enjoy, but also opens up a new sphere of industrial uses that can now be performed with the full range of Apple’s best-selling iOS devices.
  • The system consists of a sensor unit and an iOS unit (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch).
  • The ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL sensor unit is a complex but rugged data collector that contains MEMS gyros, accelerometers and a microprocessor.
  • Data of angular and translational movements are provided via Bluetooth® to the iOS unit, which provides an unsurpassed user-friendly environment for the operator to analyze the data.
  • Typical measurement applications to be performed with the ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL are: straightness, level, inclination and base flatness, with the accuracy required by precision machine workshops.
  • The ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL is supported with a dedicated App, downloadable for free from the App Store, which guides the user throughout the measurement.
  • The ALiSENSOR™LEVEL hardware will be supported by several free Apps that can use the functionality of the hardware to implement different types of measurements.
  • New Apps designed for use with the ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL will soon be available for use in measurement applications such as: flatness, squareness, parallel, milling machines, lathes, and more.
  • The ALiSENSOR™ platform is developed by GLOi AB, a pioneering company in the Industrial MFi sphere headquartered in Mölndal, Sweden.