Control valve innovationsMetso's unique offering of products and solutions to improve safety and productivity in the oil and gas industry is now complemented with a range of control valve innovations. The company says that this new range features:

  • Improvements to the Q-Trim™ noise reduction technology have resulted in advanced noise and vibration control in challenging applications.
  • New Valve Manager™ represents state-of-the art, 3rd generation valve diagnostics which is capable of processing the collected diagnostics information to visualize the condition of the valve in question with five different indices: control performance, valve condition, actuator condition, positioner condition and environmental conditions.
  • New additions to the market-leading intelligent emergency shutdown valves (iESDs) enhance the reliability and availability of emergency shutdown valves, and are designed to reduce plant safety costs efficiently and help customers maximize process plant uptime. 
  • The Valve HealthCare program supports the customer's preventive maintenance ensuring reliability of the critical emergency valves and helping to fulfill SIL requirements.
  • The service reveals the condition of the critical valves and helps to avoid unexpected incidents affecting safety, environment or production.
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