FastPic5 inventory management softwareFastPic5 inventory management software saves time, increases efficiencies and maximizes storage density by managing height and weight restrictions. While the unit can control these features, FastPic5 inventory management software from FastPic Systems is designed to proactively supervise this function resulting in an even smarter Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM). According to the company:

  • Using the height restriction feature, each tray can be preset with a maximum height for stored goods.
  • FastPic5 prevents the operator from increasing the overall tray height, restricting the operator from creating wasted cube.
  • For example, if a tray has been loaded with parts all 8 inches high, the tray could be set to store goods at a height of 8 inches, and 8 inches only.
  • The VLM manages this function by scanning the height of the tray as the extractor brings the tray back into the machine and stores it.
  • To prevent losing space, if a restricted tray height is exceeded the VLM will deliver the tray back to the access opening and identify to the operator that the restricted height has been exceeded.
  • Operators can set the height restriction of each tray individually.
  • Using the weight restriction feature, FastPic5 can also manage the weight held on each tray, as well as the total unit weight. Using FastPic5 each tray weight capacity is preset as light, medium or heavy.