ACS Valves Aero-FlowACS Valves specifically designed its Aero-Flow™ Series rotary feeders to provide the efficient, air-assisted introduction of dense materials and fine powders to pneumatic conveying systems. The Aero-Flow is additionally highlighted by:

  • A proprietary dual-induction endplate to introduce pressurized air from both endplates into the rotor pockets carrying process material because high bulk-density material, when mixed with air, is more effectively released from the rotor pockets, and thus more efficiently introduced to the pneumatically conveyed material flow.
  • A dual-induction design that speeds the material fluidization process, improves material consistency and optimizes feeder energy consumption when compared to other single-induction feeders.
  • A variable-frequency drive to modulate the feeder drive speed and reduce power requirements based on the fluctuating performance needs of the system for further energy efficiency.
  • Optimal service in applications with pressure differentials up to 15 PSIG and elevated temperatures to 500ºF.
  • A precision-machined 10-vane rotor with beveled vane tips and sides.
  • Feeder housings available in cast iron, and 304 or 316 stainless steel, in either 17-1/2- or 21-1/8-inch heights.
  • Suitability in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and bakery, plastic and milling applications.