LCMS-8040Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the LCMS-8040, a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer that combines newly improved ion optics and collision cell technology with proprietary ultra-fast technologies. The company says that the product is characterized by:

  • Newly improved ion optics (UF-Lens™), which integrates two multi-pole RF ion guides.
  • UFsweeper™ II collision cell technology, which provides higher multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) sensitivity.
  • A five-fold increase in sensitivity (reserpine, S/N ratio) has been achieved by improving ion focusing and minimizing ion losses between multi-pole lenses.
  • These improvements also yield higher sensitivity for scan mode measurements, expanding the potential range of LC/MS/MS applications.
  • MRM transition speeds up to 555 MRMs per second with UFsweeper II technology.
  • The world’s fastest polarity switching at 15 msec and a high-speed scanning rate of 15,000 u/sec for maximum analytical throughput.
  • LabSolutions LCMS software offers a variety of data processing features, including a Quantitation Browser, which processes multiple analytes, and a Data Browser, which allows users to analyze and compare multiple sets of data in the same window.
  • Shimadzu provides a variety of method packages to eliminate the need for MRM determination and chromatographic method development.
  • Additionally, the LCMS-8040 features a robust, user-friendly interface; compatibility with LCMS-8030 MRM parameters for easy method transfer; and easy maintenance to ensure maximum instrument operation.