Sahara Hot Room Model E16Benko Products Inc. announces that its Sahara Hot Room Model E16 is a cost-effective replacement for inefficient band heaters and homemade hot rooms. The company says that the Sahara Hot Room Model E16:

  • Heats 16 drums or four totes on pallets, and is electrically heated with precise, digital temperature control and over-temperature control.
  • Features an air circulation blower for temperature uniformity and fast heat-up of drums.
  • Can withstand any harsh industrial environment due to its unique design and robust construction.
  • Features completely welded panels, has heavy-duty hinges and heavy gauge steel, making it ideal to survive forklift abuse and drum impact.
  • Features all steel construction with a temperature range to 350°F.
  • Is shipped completely assembled; options include a 6-inch vent with damper, interior door latch, an outdoor use package, chart recorder, door switch and adjustable timer.