Lista workbenchLista now offers enhanced industrial workbenches as part of its fully integrated modular system for storage and workspace. The company says that these workbenches feature:

  • A durable, modular design that can be easily configured to suit specific needs without custom cost.
  • Availability with a choice of sturdy, long-lasting work surfaces, such as butcher block, pressed wood or galvanized steel, for different applications.   
  • Your choice from several differe4nt above-work surface shelves and overhead cabinets.
  • The company’s Nexus system to support a wide range of shelves, parts bins, lights and electrical accessories, further customizing workbenches.
  • Drawer storage cabinets, which come in a variety of widths, to serve as pedestals for workstations. 
  • Heavy-duty, aesthetically pleasing and practical designs.
  • A broad selection of optional dividing and partitioning accessories for the cabinet drawers, allowing users to create customized storage compartments and providing the flexibility to accommodate changing storage requirements.