Visiosens VF camera seriesFRAMOS announces the new Visiosens VF camera series — a highly flexible and customizable image capture platform with more than 140 camera variants per image sensor. According to the company:

  • Its new key features include the Mini-B USB2.0 and the latest Micro USB3.0 super-speed interface with up to 5 Gbps, as well as the latest Sony ICX445  CCD sensor-based camera.
  • The Visiosens platform concept provides a single highly sophisticated software interface for all your cameras in all your applications, including specifically customized devices.
  • For all variants, the user and system interface is built on a unified, future-proof, cross-platform software development kit based on the latest .NET technology and compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • The extremely robust camera housing is specifically designed for industrial systems as well as for microscopy.
  • It offers multiple mounting options on each side and the front face, which are all symmetrical to the optical axis of the sensor.
  • A choice of C-, CS- or M12-mount options are available for all models.
  • The optional LED ring, integrated in the housing and connected to the 8-pin I/O port, with 3 IN and 3 OUT ports saves money and space.
  • The VF-Series offers a wide range of cameras designed for industrial applications, equipped with a growing range of both CCD and CMOS sensors of various resolutions from VGA (0.4) up to 10 Mega-pixels.
  • The system design and production process is optimized for the variety of options and ensures especially short delivery times at an outstanding price-performance ratio.
  • The single-board design for the USB2.0 and the dual-board design with native USB3.0 chipset both enjoy fully owned USB2.0 and USB3.0 drivers.