Diamondback screw feederDiamondback Technology’s screw feeder, with its patented arch-breaking Hopper7, retrofits existing bins to eliminate flooding, flushing and erratic flow.  According to the company, the equipment further boasts:

  • A screw that densifies powders for sack or bag filling, seals against pressures and vacuums, provides controlled uniform density for weigh hopper applications, and is useful for pre-feeding rotary valves to prevent leakage and blow-back into the hopper. 
  • Variable speed of the screw to accommodate both fast and dribble feed conditions.
  • A removable screw and bearing assembly to simplify maintenance or repairs, and shorten process downtime, while the cantilevered screw reduces bearing and seal problems.
  • Key flight areas coated with wear-resistant steel. 
  • Diameters of 6, 12 or 18 inches.
  • Availability of extra mating flanges for the screw for retrofitting existing hoppers.