AQUACOUNTER® Volumetric Karl Fischer TitratorJM?Science’s AQUACOUNTER® Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator (AQV-300) is reliable, easy-to-use and has state-of-the-art performance features which allow for the measurement of moisture content from low to high concentrations, quickly and accurately. The company says that the titrator is characterized by:

  • Measurements are simple and routine with unsurpassed precision.
  • Calculation functions include concentration, factor standardization, statistics and recalculation.
  • It has six built-in calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid and gas samples. 
  • Four files with preset conditions can be stored in memory, allowing for instant recall of data for up to 20 samples.
  • This unit comes with a small footprint with integrated magnetic stirrer.
  • A newly designed buret tip ensures precise titration.
  • Two RS-232C ports are convenient for balance and computer interfaces for GLP and ISO?documentation.
  • Comes with DVD training movie, plasticized Quick-Start guide for use in the lab, paper and pdf manual.
  • Complete accessories, download software for transferring results to a laptop or PC and RS-232 cable are also included.
  • Choice of thermal printer or impact printer is available.